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A multifariousness assortment of project examples and experiments, far from optimized, starting points for greater things.

Image Bleed Fluid SolverUsing a low res fluid solver logic to "bleed" the bottom color average of the image.
WebGL Pillar environmentConcept to navigate historic stories by clicking on pillars. The intent was also meant to map the pillars into a geographic location.
WebGL Bats with Highlight RingsOn click, brings a highlight point into focus and generates 'soundwaves'. Uses a 3d Bat Object file.
WebGL Bats with Highlight ParticlesOn click, brings a highlight point into focus and generates 'soundwaves'. Uses a 3d Bat Object file.
WebGL Soundwave ParticlesOn click, animate randomly waves in 3d space from placed particles.
Photosphere ConstellationsStar data mapped into a 3d photosphere, constellations on click.
Webgl Shaders (gradient background and a duotone transform on image)Tap to switch seamlessly on both mobile/desktop.
Pixel sort test (canvas 2d)Transition test.
SVG Delaunay VoronoiJust an interactive background of polygons pushing and pulling each other. As a user rolls over the polygons expand and contract accordingly.
Webgl Weather VisualizationAn experimental project that evolved around visualizing the dramatic effects of weather of time. These experiments were primairly in WebGL but also in D3 and analyized rainfall data and how it has changed over time (less or more).
Pope Trend TrackerA quick project to try and guess the next pope by data mining Twitter search with over a 100 potential cardinal names. Results were graphed out in D3, used some basic php to create a DB and cron jobs.
HTML 5 Canvas BallsPhysics simulation of balls popping and growing, they also cluster around the mouse as it moves (runs nicely on iPad!).
Youtube Live like meterCombination of the youtube api and html5 canvas, with ember.js framework.
HTML5 video scrubbera proof of concept for scrubbing video in html5, quickly and efficently. Uses jplayer.
Video VoicesSmall microsite for a non-profit company to demonstrate how one can donate to a non-profit by letting them post to the user's facebook wall. I built the entire front-end and backend, worked with one designer.
Scratchy Strokeflash scratch pad using curves, blending, and artifacting. later used for an American Horror FX microsite.
Multi video Grid of DancersCreative pitch for converse and target, to build out a wall of user submitted dancing videos sliced (tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched). Prototype performed better in the HTML5 version, the flash version was not as fluid.
Flash Dynamic Face smudgeflash demo for BBC where a user would be able to touch anywhere to trigger interactive points, as well as having the mouse distort the user's face.
Att panorama a flash panorama of their new infuse phone where the user selects a door to watch a video.
Zoomable Grid A slide presentation type choose your adventure concept with the user able to pick their next slide (to be changed to video), can also zoom out to view all the paths.
Fair Tweet demo mobile friendly css font tweet page that fills up the remaining spaces available for fair tweet awareness, made for ben and jerry's fairtweet awareness campaign in 2011. view site
XX private concert Pitch for the band XX done in partnership with WK (NYC). We shot film at WK's office keyed it out and created a multilayered video webcam experience with biaurial sound and facial detection.
Noisey UI demo developed this UI demo in working closely with creative to execute the proper feel and functionality of the noisey.com site.
Noise site demo a combination of jQuery, and Flash to create a streamlined motion filled interface.
Noise nav demo an example of one flash file with multiple params and options.
Asymetrical image row jQuery sliding, expanding, rows of unevenly sized thumbnails. As browser size expands and contracts more content is displayed or removed.
Vitamin Water zero ads a series of vitaminwater ads that had more than double the coke average statistic of interactivity in banner ads.
Cover FlowA papervision 3D coverflow engine. Pulls information in through an xml file and can be easily modified by flash var parameters, I made a custom tween class to animate with the render of the papervision libraries.
Layered 3D collagePart of the initial concepts for the branding of Thompson Hotels new site. I wanted to create a dimensional environment from their very flat layered posters.
3d Curved Wallflash 10 player study
Circular Navigationdynamic xml driven flash navigation element everything builds off of the circle
vitamin water NCAA fan bracketFacebook flash app revolving around the NCAA Final Four Tournament. Users vote on their team they like each round teams are eliminated if they have the least fans.
Puma facebook appPuma papervision 3d flash project
Ecozmobiodegradable electronic modular product
Golden Ratio study in designPsychology thesis study