A generation tool allowing editors to create sites, and render video in the air (RITA), in one CMS

YouTube came to us asking for an awards platform to recognize the leading Ads on YouTube.

We built a tool that not only outputs a static serverless site, but also generates emails and shareable assets (mp4s, gifs, jpgs).

The system was built ontop of GCP with an App Engine instance running Django (Djangae), and Cloud Functions offloading all content and media into Cloud Buckets.

We built a template in AfterEffects that was used to render on demand mp4s and gifs in a CloudFunction written in Rust (Rust was compiled into Go Binary for the CF to operate).

I was the tech lead on the project, I worked with the clients directly to account for features and feedback, I managed the development team, designed and developed a framework to build off of, contributed to the source code, and built the AfterEffects template.

Project released: 2019My responsibilities included client relationship, resourcing, documentation, defining the techonlogy stack/framework, maintenance, development and deployment.