A complete .com rebuild from the ground up.

When we set out to rebuild stinkstudios.com we aimed to completely revamp the site from the ground up. Prior to this release all content was stored in static json files on the server.

We opted to use Contentful and created a deployment process which takes a snapshot of all content from Contentful and stores that in an S3 bucket. This provided an improvement on load times for us.

The frontend architecture was built to create a seamless SPA experience, but the backend was designed to render every page with cotnent. We incorporated all sorts of fun touches and experiences to really make the site shine.

*at the time of launch we were stinkdigital.com but a year later merged and updated the site accordingly.

Project released: 2016My responsibilities included resourcing, technology leadership, documentation, frontend/backend development, site architecture, deployment, prototyping, A/B testing and maintenance.