Queso Quest was the journey of one man to find the best burrito

The goal with Queso Quest was to target Chicago and promote Qdoba's 3 cheese Queso in an adventure to see what it would taste good (or bad) on (including strawberries, or even anchovies).

I was responsible for building the entire backend which was managed by the team in Chicago. The CMS, built off of drupal's framework, managed coupons with start and end dates, a filtered twitter stream, and highlighting the current location via GPS of the Queso Truck.

I also built and themed the frontend application, stylizing the map to align with the brand's look and fool. This was a super fun project to push the limits of Google Maps API at the time, including themeing, custom markers, and tool tips. Inline YouTube videos would be shown in different streetview locations.

I may or may not have had consumed over 50 burritos during the project's life cycle.

Project released: 2011My responsibilities included technology leadership and frontend/backend development.