An installation at Google Next '19 that showcases the power of GPU processing in a fun interactive game.

We created a game for Google Next that demonstrated the capabilities of Google Clouds GPU Virtual Machines.

The game was mirrored off of the classic Battleship game, it was a versus game between two players. Players could select a ship and one attack. The ending battle was rendered using GPU Virtual Machines in Google Cloud.

The project was built using Vue.js, and Websockets. We ran three different devices (2 Tablets, 1 Computer Master) which communicated with one another over sockets about the current game state.

For the game we created 36 different scenarios that were then rendered using VM GPUs in GCP. Player options included the choice of two unique vehicles (Rubber Ducky, or Viking Ship), each having 3 unique attacks.

Project released: 2019My responsibilities included client relationship, resourcing, technology leadership, documentation, defining the techonlogy stack/framework, client handoff, development and deployment.