A site designed for flip phone users to 4k desktops.

We built a site on Wordpress VIP with a focus on having a progressive enhancement frontend. Features and styling would be utilized per device. We built backwards compatibility first into our architecture, while still using modern day javascript libraries. As a result we were able to build a content driven site which could function across an incredibly diverse set of devices.

Internet.org was looking to redesign its website with the goal of improving audience engagement in both high and low bandwidth markets. The site had to function anywhere in the world on any device with potentially any internet connection. We built a site that was optimized to run at modem download speeds as well at the enterprise level internet speeds.

The site was localized to serve a huge array of language versions and scale to house more content future locales. We developed a wordpress plugin to integrate translation services within Facebook's translation team.

Our core philosophy with this site was to build one source code to scale across all potential devices this would be served to; flip phones to 4k desktop machines and everything inbetween.

Project released: 2017My responsibilities included client relationship, resourcing, technology leadership and development.