Modern Cloud Based Video Collaboration

At (An Adobe company), I work as a Software Engineer Manager for one of the Core squads. Throughout the years in this position, I've worked on multiple features across essential product offerings in the current web application. But the majority of our resources are spent on an as of yet unannounced upcoming release candidate.

The focus has always been around ensuring the feature set is optimized and incredibly performant while also capable of handling enterprise level scale. This includes making sure our delieverables are performance benchmarked to meet the highest quality standards.

Some of the feature categories the squad and I have directly impacted and worked on include: asset uploads, asset operations such as move, copy, rename, and delete. Within the viewer we also worked extensively on the composer and the comment list.

My role includes managing and supporting multiple direct reports as well as being involved heavily with the squad's yearly trajectory and milestone planning. I take pride in demonstrating character managerial competence and inspiring my team to achieve excellence through code reviews, pairing sessions, 1:1s and alignment of priorities. Across the engineering department I have also been deeply involved with the hiring process and defining our best practices in code and workflow to foster a culture of engineering excellence.

Collaboration is key to my management style, and I have worked closely across different squads to strategize and design technical specifications for new features and identify overlapping responsibilities. I work closely with Product and Design teams to align with stakeholders. So that we consistently deliver on our promised milestones through successful feature output using a well-defined development process.

I joined at the beginning of 2020 and have continued to work at since it was acquired by Adobe in 2021.

Joined in 2020My responsibilities included management, stakeholder alignment, technology leadership, mentorship, techincal research, development, resourcing, planning and systems architecture.